VIDEO: Personalize Your Miniatures

Personalizing your miniatures – giving the special ones names, custom builds, and fancy paint jobs – can bring you closer to your army and cause you to enjoy the game more. Plus, remember that painted miniatures win more.

One thought on “VIDEO: Personalize Your Miniatures

  1. Completely agree with every statement you made here…I heard of some guys daughter a few years ago who named every one of her space marines and had a moment of silence for every time one of them fell…I think she was like ten or maybe even younger but she’s probably the coolest daughter any father could ask for…I’m currently working on a deathwatch army and trying to make every marine vehicle and character it’s own awesome mini instead of just the single unit single scheme for all of them but still keeping unit and army coherency…still struggling on whether or not to give them the traditional black with silver armor or something more of a jim wappel grey knight terminators theme….maybe keep the marines black and make the terminators like his who knows… but yea fantastic vid I too feel personalizing minis greatly adds to the enjoyment of the hobby…peace!

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